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Saturday, December 10, 2022
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Elon Musk is a barrier free-thinking guy who has no limitation. People only have dreams come true whereas Elon Musk made his work a dream for others.

elon musk

He was born in South Africa currently is a Canadian American business magnate, since childhood, he was farsighted and has the power to control his future through envision, at the age of 10 he almost read all the books and at the age of 12 he invented his own game and sell it to a company in dollar500 so we can say that he was a born entrepreneur.

According to him, nothing is impossible. It’s just you need to be focused to find a way he hates when somebody says that this is impossible or this can’t be done. He says your conscious mind works according to your subconscious mind so what you think is what you do.

He was the first man to made solar city which works on sustainable energy creation then made tesla which works on sustainable energy consumption his only motive was to make the planet pollution free he has an inimitable mind that works for the best.

He ranked 21 under the world’s most powerful people, he is a self-taught programmer and a rocket scientist he never takes a formal education for rocket science with self-study he accomplished his place as a rocket scientist. Traditionally, Testosterone Cypionate is not used for long courses, as it can lead to an increase in the amount of estrogen. For this reason, it is combined with Novaldex or Clomid. These drugs from the category of antiestrogens can reduce the effect of female sex hormones on the body and even out the anabolic effect of testosterone ester. You can read everything you need about Testosterone Cypionate for sale on – legit anabolic steroids supplier. The male sex hormone is the basis of steroid drugs, which today are incredibly in demand among a wide audience of athletes around the world. Since childhood, he has an obsession to do something for a change. Musk spent his whole life working, for him nothing existed like impossible. It’s just a matter of vision and strategy. He always says I don’t expect to do what is possible I want to do what needs to be done.

Elon Musk Bio

Companies list of Elon Musk.

  • Zip2
  • PayPal
  • SpaceX
  • Tesla
  • SolarCity
  • Hyperloop
  • Open AI
  • Neural ink
  • The boring company

Amongst all these SpaceX, Tesla, SolarCity, hyperloop are praised worldwide. Despite all the struggles, failures, rejection he became the third richest man in the world. Elon Musk indeed is a man with no limitation.

TV Presenter Eric Bolling’s Total Net Worth Will Stun You


Eric Bolling is one of America’s most popular Television Presenter who has had a number of well-known shows to his name. Apart from that, he is also a political and a financial commentator and has authored a number of books mainly on the political genre. His most popular shows include The Five, Cashin’In, TheBlaze, just to name a few.

His Net Worth

The 57 year old television personality started off his career as a baseball player and later on switched to trading. And it is during this period when he actually started earning a lot of profits as he use to deal in gold, natural gas and oil. With time he became one of the most well known trader of natural gas in New York.

With his immense success in trading, he bagged a show with CNBC titled ‘Fast Money’ and that is where his journey as a television presenter began. He started getting shows after shows becoming one of the highest-paid presenters in the United States. As of 2020, his net worth is estimated to be a whopping $30 million!

Picture 4
TV Presenter Eric Bolling’s Total Net Worth Will Stun You 7

He is also currently serving as the Chairman of JanOne and is speculated that he receives a compensation of $148,077 for his position. You can take 1000 dollar loan on fastloanspd without any difficulties. Thus making him one of the highest paid members of JanOne.

Bolling is currently hosting America This Week where he interviews different political figures and personalities. It is considered as one of the highest-paid shows done by Bolling. Although a recent interview with a top lawyer earned him a lot of criticism as he was accused of promoting Coronavirus conspiracy theories.

But later on Bolling gave a clarification statement saying that he didn’t promote any such theories.

Eric Bolling Is An Avid Trump Supporter

Bolling has always been vocal about his political choices and came out as an avid supporter of Donald Trump. And he has always been with Trump since his first electoral campaign and was also nominated to be a part of the Department of Commerce.

Picture 2
TV Presenter Eric Bolling’s Total Net Worth Will Stun You 8

Although he is severely criticized for the right-wing ideologies that don’t bother him. In a statement, Bolling had revealed that it is his personality is made for right wing ideologies and no external pressure can affect that.

Enforcement Directorate freezes Amnesty International India’s bank accounts


Amnesty International is a non-government organization working to inspire people against injustice and other discriminations Amnesty International includes several voluntary interns and only a few paid members. It has constantly and thoroughly worked towards fighting for Human Rights. Headquartered in London it was found in 1961. Now led by Julie Verhaar it has been part of many campaigns hosting protection against women’s rights, discrimination, repressive laws, freedom of expression, etc.

Amnesty International
Enforcement Directorate freezes Amnesty International India’s bank accounts 12

There had been several allegations against Amnesty International India since two years. The offices of Amnesty International India have also been raided and they have also been called “anti-national” for which the former had completely denied. Amnesty International has always been in the news regarding the funding’s that they receive which is still unclear. When their office were raided in March 2018 in Delhi and Bangalore there were proofs of Amnesty International India holding it accountable for the violation of the Foreign Exchange Law to which Amnesty International India has completely denied time repeatedly.

In September 2020 it was forced to shut down and layoff their entire staffs as its accounts were blocked by the Enforcement Directorate. It was forced to stop all its projects in India and all the upcoming projects and research work has come to startling halt. Unwillingly it was forced to lay off all its staff members.

amnesty international india office
Amnesty Indian Office


Avinash Kumar the Executive Director of Amnesty International India has backfired this time at the Indian Government by saying that this move has taken place due to their unambiguous calls of transparency towards the Indian government and holding the Delhi Police accountable for involvement in illegal activities in the Delhi Riots which led to the deaths of around 50 Muslims. They also raised their voice in allowing the resumption of high speed internet service in India led Kashmir.

Amnesty India CEO Statement

Avinash Amnesty India
Amnesty India CEO

Avinash kumar in statement has damned the Indian government by saying “for a movement that has done nothing but raise its voices against injustice, this latest attack is akin to freezing dissent,” Executive Director of Amnesty International India as stated by the “Frontline Magazine”

 He claims that they are being suppressed time and again by the Indian Government to speak the truth and barring them from raising their voices since 2 years.

Julie Verhar on the other hand has stated it as an “egregious and a shameful act” by the Indian Government as quoted by “Time100”.

Is Amnesty international India playing the victim card? Or the speculations regarding their frauds have come to surface? Is it their actions of the past that has led to this end result?

As far as their history speaks they have repeatedly been at crossfires with the Indian Government. They have been accused of money laundering frequently.

 Is it just another fake NGO claiming to stand by Human Rights but was slowly polluting people’s mind and Threatening the Indian Government

Justifying the move by pinpointing at the Indian Government seems like a reasonable action. Are they convicts or there’s another side to the story?

New York City resumes Elementary schools in the midst of the hassle


Against the risks of spreading Covid-19, New York, the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic in the earlier days has planned to resume the elementary school education in person. On 29 September 2020, the city welcomed roughly 300,000 elementary school students in the classroom which has been a major milestone to achieve. It was the first day of in-person learning for those elementary school students whose families chose the hybrid learning plan.

The reopening of the elementary schools followed by the middle and high schools has come up with officials concerned about recent gush in the virus cases. The size and density of the city make its challenges unusual, but to succeed in both public health and financial crisis the city needs to foster trust. The new normal for the students include wearing a mask and undergoing temperature checks at schoolhouse doors.

NYC Schools re open
Img Source: Reuters

 But the city’s feeling of attainment was short-lived as after few hours of the children gathered in their school buildings Mayor Bill de Blasio announced that there has been an increase of about 3 percent in the city’s daily rate of positive coronavirus tests. And if the average city’s rate stays above 3 percent for seven days then there would be shut down in person. Not only schools but even the restaurants are at an urge to open from 30 September 2020 which would definitely affect the increase in the number of positive tested cases as a perilous moment. The virus has not only killed many New Yorkers but has also paralyzed the city’s economy. The Mayor further said that the city would be following more strict safety measures like fining people not wearing masks and closing private schools and education centers if they did not stick to the rules. He even addressed the reopening of the schools as “a huge step” while acknowledging the increase in the rate of corona positive tests to be a real concern.

The President of the city’s Teachers’ union, Michael Mulgrew, said that if a drop in the city’s positive test rates would not be noticed this week then almost 80 public schools in the ZIP codes to be shut down where the virus is spreading its wings. In compare to other cities, New York’s positivity is still lesser. The city may even shut down some of the non essential business with the neighbourhood where the virus is at peak.

New York City resumes Elementary schools in the midst of the hassle 15

New York City, the largest public school district has botched it’s school reopening plan and the mistakes done would be taken as a lesson for school systems across the world that are grappling to resume the educational institutions in the midst of the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. Resuming such educational institutions could cause weary to the parents of the tiny tots as well. Until the arrival of the vaccine, districts should not approve the reopening of elementary schools taking into consideration the safety of the children. Looking for professional photoshoot ideas for a wedding? Or doing a couples photoshoot for friends?

Drama, Angry Interruptions and Bitter Accusations: Gist of the First Presidential Debate


Ahead of the US presidential election on 3 November, Republican candidate and incumbent President Donald Trump went one-on-one with Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden at 6.30 am Indian Standard Time.

2020 debate 1
2020 Debate

As per the format, the entire debate was divided into six segments. Each segment of around 15 minutes. The moderator introduced a topic and gave each candidate two minutes. This was followed by a discussion between the candidates, with the two getting an equal time limit.

Labelled as the “Super Bowl of American Democracy”, Donald Trump and Joe Biden answered questions based on their track record, the Supreme Court, economy, race and violence in cities and veracity of the elections. Both the leaders arrived in Cleveland for the first debate, expecting to increase their bases of support before the election. They were also contending to persuade the remaining portion of undecided voters.

President Donald Trump said he’s had “no negative effect” from massive campaign rallies with thousands of attendees not following social distancing sanctions amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

He also added during Tuesday night’s debate against Democrat Joe Biden, that he thought masks “are OK,” pulling one out from his pocket and saying, “I wear masks when needed.”

The only citation of India during the debate came when Trump was talking about the Covid-19 situation in the US, and alleged that some countries did not disclose the real number of deaths due to the virus. “India, Russia and China don’t give out their real Covid-19 deaths…” he said.

Accusations and Allegations

“The fact is that everything he’s (Trump) said so far is simply a lie,” Biden said. “I’m not here to call out his lies. Everybody knows he’s a liar.”

The two fought over who would manage issues of race, capping in Biden calling Trump a racist. It was the unruliest presidential debate in recent years, somehow relevant for an extraordinarily ugly campaign, the two men constantly talked over each other with Trump interrupting Biden as well as Moderator Wallace, nearly shouting, every so often, while Wallace told Trump to wait for his turn, Biden at one point snapped: “Will you shut up, man?”

The first presidential debate concluded with Chris Wallace asking both candidates if they would oblige to imploring calm and eluding declaring victory until the election results are independently corroborated.

Picture 1
Drama, Angry Interruptions and Bitter Accusations: Gist of the First Presidential Debate 18

Biden has been ahead of Trump in most national polls since the beginning of the year, and is presently steering ahead in major battleground states, including Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, where the Republicans came out victorious in 2016.

The second debate is set to occur on 15 October. The debate will be held at the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts in Miami, Florida. Steve Scully, the political editor at C-SPAN, will be the moderator of the debate.

The third and final debate will occur on 22 October at the Curb Event Center at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee. In this debate, NBC News White House correspondent Kristen Welker will be the moderator.

How to get creative iOS 14 app icon logos for iPhone?

creative iOS 14 app

You would have seen people are gazing out their smartphone for most of the time and if homescreen of seems attractive with design app icons, then it would not be boring for users.

So its a good happening news for iOS 14 users that will change whole look of homescreen. Now iOS 14 users can get a chance to change by default app icon to a designer icons. 

You can get these designer iphone app icons with help of Shortcut app. You can create your own design with your imagination skill or even get many other options which are been created by any other desgners.

So whenever anyone is building any icon design, it is free and accessible to everyone. In Twitter you will get hundreds of people creating and sharing their creative icon design.

These are some of the favourite design loved by many by which you can get relate with. You will get multiple beautiful MS Paint, Superhero vibe theme as well as friendship theme.

Guidelines to create app icon:

We will have s set of guidelines for you, so that you go on with your creative without any hindrance. Customise your iPhone app icons of your interest.

  • Download the Shortcuts app, open it and go to top right corner to click on + icon.
  • After this click on ‘add action’, and then ‘open app’ this will let you open the app on your phone on which you want to work on.
  • You can edit the icon design as well as the name of the app icon. You have yo add file on which you will build the new design.
  • Remember you have yo remove the app icon from your phone’s homescreen, it will help to prevent from been doubles.

Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik had a Baby girl or boy?

Zayn and Gigi had a baby

So for after a long wait, its been cleared to fans that Gigi Hadid the model and Zayn Malik a singer has been blessed with a healthy baby.

While in this pregnancy period of Gigi Hadid, both the parents are together, taking cake of the mother to be.

Zayn Malik statement

Today in morning, Zyan and Gigi posted a glence photo of his baby in his Twitter  and Instagram handle.

He even stated that “The love i feel for this tiny human is beyond my understanding”. He also continue saying that he is greatful and thankful for his baby.

Gigi Hadid and Zyan Malik are now parent of one cute little baby girl. Mother as well as baby is fit and healthy.

In morning only Zyan publily announced that he is blessed with a baby girl and also mentioned that “he is trying to put into words how is the feeling right now would be an impossible task.”

Though Gigi had also posted one picture of her daughter. Apart from it, lately she had shared many photos of her with the baby bumb.

She even had a meternity photo shoot and had shared few of them in her Instagram profile.

In this beautiful new, we congratulate to them to get a healthy baby girl and wishes for her good life ahead.