Donald Trump chose Amy Coney Barrett as Supreme Court judge

On Saturday, US President Donald Trump declared that he is nominating federal appeals court judge Amy coney Barrett to the Supreme court. The vacancy is vacant by the passing of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Amy will be preserving the balance of three women and six men. The nomination of Barrett announced by the Trump at the white house. He called Barrett one of the most dazzling and legal gifted mind advocates.

According to the reports, She is going to be the youngest justice at the age of 48 in court. Since 2017, She has served as the judge on the seventh circuit court of appeals. It will be the third time when Trump sent any justice in the top court.

Trump said that Amy Coney Barrett would be handling cases written in the constitution. sexpromo. Amy said one should have the courage to be the judge. 

She also said that they are not to take decisions in the favour of those whom they like. You have been appointed to follow the law and to do your duty honestly.

As health officials have recommended people to wear masks and maintain social distancing but neither Barrett nor Trump put on face masks and many could be seen doing so in the crowd. The members were sitting close to each other and ignored the distance of six feet, they hugged and kissed.

Barrett is and America based lawyer and jurist. In Notre Dame Law School, she has served as a law professor. Stay connected with us to get the latest updates from India and around the world.

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