African-American Attorney General Denies Murder Charges Against Police In Breonna Taylor’s Murder

Breonna Taylor’s murder seems to have taken a different direction. She was shot on March 13, 2020, at her home with boyfriend Kenneth Walker. The police officer hit her during an investigation for narcotics against her boyfriend. However, in the latest development in the case, the police claimed that they didn’t search her house. 

Breonna Taylor Murder Case’s Suspect Claim A Different Story 

On Friday, a Grand Jury statement was released to the public. In the report, we see that the suspected police officer claimed that they never got to searching the apartment. They said that they did come with a warrant, but they didn’t end up doing that. As per the latest evidence, the Kentucky Attorney General’s office has denied charging the suspected police officers to Taylor’s murder. 

The evidence so far seems to be confusing. One of the police officers said that there was no money or drugs that was found inside the house. On the other hand, another police officer said that the house was not searched in the first place. Reports further suggest that the police was carrying the “No-Knock” warrant. But the police claims that they announced their presence before entering. 

Even the material from secret Jury meetings was leaked, the police didn’t object to it. However, the Kentucky General’s office demanded for a week to edit the personal details. The Judge gave them two days. 

Police Allegedly Entered The House By Force And Tons Of Bullet Shots 

On the night of March 13, Kenneth and Breonna Taylor were at home when the police started to bang their door. Kenneth narrated the entire incident. He said that that he and Taylor were about to call it a day and were in bed. Suddenly, they heard someone banging the door. Taylor did ask who was on the door, but they didn’t hear any response. While they were yelling and asking who was on the door, they were no reply. When they went close the door, they saw that the hinges of the door were starting to come off. Later, Kenneth took out his gun and fired a shot as he thought they were intruders. The gun was legally registered. 

After the shot he fired, there were just too many shots raining on them. He and Taylor dropped down and then the shots stopped. He looked at Taylor and saw that she was bleeding. During the investigation, Kenneth told the officers that one of the Police personnel said that he was going to go to jail for his entire life. In the Grand Jury that was released, we heard that when (upon asking) Kenneth told the police that he didn’t get hurt, the police said: “that’s unfortunate”. But he doesn’t remember which one it was. 

Attorney General Denies Murder Charges Against Prime Suspect 

State’s first-ever African-American Attorney General Cameron said that he didn’t want to charge the police in murder charges in the first place. He further said that there is no enough evidence relating to Brett Hankison (prime suspect) to Breonna Taylor’s murder. He said that the shots fired by the police were justified because Kenneth was the one who shot first. 

Kenneth, in response to this, said that he fired the shot because he thought someone was breaking in the house. 

Breonna Taylor’s murder by the policeman found its plea to justice in the Black Lives Matter Movement. And the protests continue till now. 

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