Zika Virus Becomes A Cause Of Concern In Kerala

Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, Zika Virus has become another reason for worry in the state of Kerala.

Kerala Concerned For Zika Virus Outbreak

Zika Virus

India is completely shattered after the second wave of coronavirus. Now as the country is preparing to tackle the third wave, Kerala has another virus outbreak to deal with.

Recently 14 cases of Zika Virus has been reported in the state. And this has concerned the health ministry of Kerala. Although there are no fatalities reported as of now these cases need to be controlled soon.

Zika Virus

Kerala was also devastatingly affected by the COVID-19 cases but the situation is somewhat under control.

Kerala Health Minister Briefs On The New Outbreak

The health minister of Kerala Veena George has expressed her concern about the outbreak of the Zika Virus in the state. She said that Kerala had a tough time tackling COVID-19 cases.

And after efforts from the concerned authorities, health workers and the general public, there has been a decline in the COVID-19 infection curve.

Zika Virus

But another challenge seems to be on its way after cases of Zika virus were reported. George said that the best will be done to curb the new infection. As it is a vector-borne disease proper measures would be suggested to the public to stop mosquito breeding which are the vectors of this new virus.

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