Uttar Pradesh To Adopt Strict Two-Child Policy After Population Bill

Uttar Pradesh has adopted a population control strategy in the form of a new population control bill.

Two Child Policy In Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh

India is facing a massive population explosion due to which many states have decided to adopt certain strategies to control the population. The state of UP also came forward to take strict population control measures.

A new bill ‘The Uttar Pradesh Population Control Bill’ has been drafted by the Uttar Pradesh State Law Commission. And this is to control and stabilize the population explosion in the state.

Uttar Pradesh

The bill has several objectives and agendas. And the most important agenda is to implement the two-child policy in the state.

Strict Laws To Implement Two Child Policy

The new bill has some strict rules on the implementation of the two-child policy in UP. It says that families who violate the two-child policy will not be eligible for several government facilities.

They will be barred from getting government jobs. In fact, the bill also says that these people will not be able to contest local elections in the state.

Uttar Pradesh

Also, people would be educated about population control strategies and contraceptive measures. Although many modifications will be further made to the bill before it is passed.

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