“Yellowstone” Season 4: Release Date, Plot And Other Updates

Post the tremendous success of the first three seasons “Yellowstone” is returning with its fourth instalment! It made its debut on Paramount Network in 2018 and has been running successfully so far.

“Yellowstone” Season 4: Release Date


We know that the third season of the series was dropped in June 2020 with the last episode coming out on August 3, 2020. But the best part is that “Yellowstone” Season 4 was announced months before the release of the third season i.e in February 2020.

Since then our anticipation has been high. Also, the makers have confirmed that the production of the fourth season wrapped up in November 2020. Although the release date is not out yet as per the past seasons, we have seen that they all were dropped in June.

June 2021 is already here. We all want that the upcoming season releases this month but as of now we cannot predict anything because we still don’t have even a teaser for the fourth season.


But one this is for sure that even if the fourth season does not release this month, it will surely be out in a month or so. Because the shooting and all the post-production activities are over!

“Yellowstone” Season 4: Plot

This Paramount Network series is basically a family drama with a lot of external and internal conflicts. The Dutton family is the owner of the largest ranch in the States. With John Dutton heading the family and the business, things get complicated as time passes by.

John is a complete family man but several conflicts both in his family and business affect him. He operates his business amid a lot of corruption and dirty politics. We know that the Dutton family has a lot of enemies targeting them.


The previous season ended with three members of the family being targeted to be killed. A bomb blasted in Keith Dutton’s office whereas John and Kayce were to be shot at a different place. The ending did not show us if they survived.

Hence we believe that “Yellowstone” Season 4 will start by shedding light on who survived the attacks. Apart from that, we will also get to see if the Duttons can actually improve their repo with the indigenous tribe of that place.

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