“Fruits Basket” Season 4: Release Date, Plot And Other Updates

The third season of “Fruits Basket” is currently on air. This series has been gaining massive popularity since its release and the ongoing season has also built up a great hype for another instalment. But will it be there?

“Fruits Basket” Season 4: Release Date

"Fruits Basket"

This anime series originally produced by Studio Deen was first released in Japan in 2001. But later on, it got a worldwide release by Netflix in 2019 with the dropping of the first season.

After that the second season released. Then on April 5, 2021, we got the very first episode of “Fruits Basket” Season 3. The ongoing season consists of nine episodes with each episode divided into halves.

June 1, 2021, will mark the concluding episode of the third season. So after that, the only question we the fans will have is that will “Fruits Basket” have another season?

"Fruits Basket"

Well as of now we haven’t heard anything from Studio deen about the fourth season. Let the last episode be aired then we can expect some announcement from the makers. But as per sources, the third season is slated to be the final season as the series has covered the volumes of the entire manga.

“Fruits Basket” Season 4: Plot

Well, this anime series has a very fascinating storyline. The protagonist Tohru Honda is basically an orphan who happens to meet the members of the Soma family.

After meeting them she comes to know that they are cursed. The curse is of a Chinese Zodiac and with time each family would turn into animals.

"Fruits Basket" Season 2

Since she starts staying with them she comes to know that on what condition will they turn into animals. With the kind of love she receives from them she wants to help them get out of the curse. With that, she also tries to cheer them up whenever possible.

With her efforts, she finally meets the person who still kept the family tied into the curse. The storyline is indeed fascinating!

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