World Food Programme Honoured With Nobel Peace Prize 2020

The Nobel Peace Prize was conferred to the World Food Programme to honor its contribution in combating hunger in many conflict areas.

Nobel Peace Prize Conferred To World Food Programme

Nobel Peace Prize

The World Food Programme was honoured with the Nobel Peace Prize 2020. The award was conferred to WFP for its contribution in helping the needy by feeding millions of unprivileged people. And especially in conflict areas like Yemen, Syria, North Korea etc. 

The Chairwoman of Nobel Committee has stated that ”WPF has put in a lot of efforts to feed the needy. And it has also contributed to better conditions for peace in conflict-affected areas.

And also acted as a driving force in efforts to prevent the use of hunger as a weapon for war and conflict.” It is a humanitarian organisation which has delivered food to more than 690 million people fighting with hunger in different parts of the world. Apart from that, WFP has also blended a helping hand to the needy people amid the ongoing pandemic.

As we know that the pandemic has shattered the economy. And it is destroyed the livelihood of many. Therefore WPF has lent a helping hand to those people who lost everything due to the economic recession.

Therefore it really deserved the Nobel Peace Prize for its contribution to humanity.

WFP As A Helping Hand For The Needy

The WFP is known as one of the world’s largest humanitarian organisation which focusses on combating hunger issues prevailing in the world. This United Nations organisation was founded 58 years back i.e. in 1961 and has been working tirelessly as a helping hand for mankind.

Nobel Peace Prize

The organisation not only feeds the starving people in conflict areas. But also provides relief aid and other rehabilitation facilities for victims of war and other civil unrest.

The organization has pledged to achieve zero hunger by 2030. And they are doing their best to eradicate hunger from all over the world. Moreover, they have also pledged to help the conflict nations like Syria, Yemen, North Korea which has a high poverty rate.

Apart from that they also lend a helping hand to the nations that get affected by any natural calamity. In 2010, a massive earthquake occurred in Haiti where several people lost their lives and livelihood. And that is when WFP sent relief aids and distributed food to those affected by the disaster.

Likewise, it has contributed to dealing with many such emergencies. Therefore the organization undoubtedly deserved the Nobel Peace Prize 2020.

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