Wordle developer donates the money earned via app

The creator of a game with the same name as the mega-hit Wordle has given the proceeds from his app to charity after thousands downloaded it by mistake.

Steve Cravotta reported that his game had received over 200,000 downloads in a week after its moniker went viral.

People were paying money on in-app purchases in Mr. Cravotta’s game, despite the fact that the popular web-based wordle has no app.


The application-based challenges users to predict anagrams of words in a set amount of time – and they may pay to access additional levels.

However, in the last three months, the web-based Wordle, a distinct game with the same name, has grown from a few to millions of users.

With only one word every day, this Wordle challenges users to discover a five-letter word in six guesses.

Along the way, squares change color if a correct letter or its correct position in the world is predicted.

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