WHO Surges Warning On Delta Variant Of COVID-19

The WHO has recently surged a warning on the emergence of now COVID-19 variant aka the Delta variant. Over time there has been several new variants and strains of coronavirus from different countries and among them, the Delta variant has raised the biggest concern.

WHO Speaks Out On Delta Variant


After the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the world has seen the disease in multiple forms. Now and then there are reports of mutations of new strains and variants of the disease.

The variants originate from different countries and start spreading rapidly. These days the delta variant has been rasing concerned. It is said to have originated from India and is reported to have dreadful impacts.


Now the WHO has spoken about this variant. On June 29, the World Health Organisation has confirmed that over 96 countries have reports delta strains in the COVID-19 patients which is not a good sign.

It Is Highly Transmissible, Says WHO

The organization has also said that the variant is quite stronger than the previous variants. As per the researchers, this variant can transmit faster and thus causes a rapid increase in infection rates.


WHO has also warned that it might turn into the dominant strain of the virus. And hence the transmission needs to stop. Although nothing much was revealed regarding how dangerous the symptoms are.

Although vaccines have proven to be effective against the Delta variant as well. Therefore the organization has urged everyone not to skip the vaccination to curb the transmission of the variant.

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