COVID-19 Virus Found In Several River Bodies Raises Concerns

The outbreak of the COVID-19 disease has shattered our lives. Being a communicable disease the major cause of it has been the man to man contact but now the virus has been found in several river bodies as well.

River Bodies Reported To Have COVID-19 Virus


The coronavirus pandemic has forced us to stay away from fellow human beings as it is a communicable disease. It was known to have spread through human contact and air transmission.

But now there is another transmission medium of the virus which is worrying everyone. Recently it was found out that several river bodies in India had the virus.


As per the researchers, the disease has also begun to transmit through water.  The COVID-19 virus was found across many rivers in the state of Gujarat after some researchers tested the water samples.

Longevity Of The Virus In Water Bodies

Initially, many researchers had claimed that coronavirus does not survive in water. But the recent development has proved something else. After the proper testing of the water samples, the researchers have concluded that the virus actually survives in water.


And that too for a long time which is good enough to infect a large number of people dependent on the water body. The virus reaches the water bodies by waste disposal and also when any COVID infected person comes in direct contact with the river or lake.

The careless disposal of hospital waste and face masks in water bodies are the biggest causes. Also, there were reports of dead bodies of coronavirus patients being thrown in rivers. Careless acts like this have contributed to this.

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