“Who Killed Sara?” Season 3: Release Date, Plot And Other Updates

“Who Killed Sara?” is undoubtedly one of Netflix’s best psychological crime thrillers with a touch of mystery. This series first hit the screens On 24 March 2021 and was an instant hit.

“Who Killed Sara?” Season 2: Release Date

"Who Killed Sara?"

When the first season of “Who Killed Sara?” came out in March this year we were left spellbound. We were eager to know that when the second season would release. Right after almost two months i.e on May 19, 2021, Netflix dropped another season.

We were more than happy. Because Netflix does not release back to back season at such a short gap but this series was one of a kind. So even the second season left everyone anticipating more.

"Who Killed Sara?"

Because even it ended on a cliffhanger. Although a third instalment is inevitably going to be there as of now, we don’t know when. Maybe it will be out by this year itself or we might have to wait a little longer. Everything depends on the production work.

Let us hope that we get notified regarding the third instalment soon.

“Who Killed Sara?” Season 2: Plot

As the name suggests, this series is a murder mystery, circling the mysterious murder of a girl named Sara. There are multiple accuses in the case and we really don’t know who the real murderer is.

We saw that Sara was having mental issues and that really makes her death more mysterious. Because it is difficult to say if she took her own life or was murdered.

"Who Killed Sara?"

Everything turned when in the previous season we saw that her best friend Marfifer suddenly surrounded the cops saying that she was the killer. But things are not that simple. There are chances that Marifer is not saying the truth.

Hence we are quite eager for “Who Killed Sara?” Season 3 so that we get to know who the real killer is.

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