HC Releases New Order On West Bengal Post Poll Violence

The Calcutta High Court has given new orders with regard to the recent post poll violence in West Bengal.

HC’s New Orders On West Bengal Post Poll Violence

West Bengal

The violence which emerged in the state of West Bengal during the assembly elections is still under investigation. High Court of  Calcutta has recently given some new orders concerning this case.

The violent attacks after the election polls had led to many deaths and injuries all over the state. There were reports of violence against women and children in many parts of the state.

West Bengal

Now the HC panel has released an order that the WB government should cover the treatments of the injured victims. It has also called for a proper registration of all the cases related to post-poll violence.

Violence Is Still Continuing

The main cause for the violence was the election results which gave fire to the rivalry between TMC and the BJP. After the elections in May, there have been cases of violence against political workers in the state.

West Bengal

There are instances where TMC workers attacked the people associated with BJP which has also led to deaths. Even recently, i.e on June 29, a team of NHRC became the victim of post-poll violence in the state.

If that goes on, there are chances that the centre might take strict actions to restore peace in the state.

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