Indian Origin Vedant Patel Named As The Assistant Press Secretary Of White House

President elect Joe Biden named Indian Origin Vedant Patel as the new assistant Press secretary of White House.

Vedant Patel Picked As The Assistant Press Secy Of White House

Vedant Patel

The President-elect Joe Biden has been naming the eligible members to handle the different affairs of the White House under his tenure that will begin from January.

And on December 18 he picked the Assistant Secretary of Press of the White House. It is none other than India born Vedant Patel. He has been serving as the senior spokesperson in the Biden inaugural.

Vedant Patel

Apart from that, he has also held several high positions in the US media. Patel has served as Regional Communications Director in many States.

Biden’s Speech

Apart from Patel Biden has also appointed 16 other members as a part of the White House communications and press staff.  After appointing all the eligible member Biden spoke on how important is the press team of the White House.

The President-elect said that the press is an important pillar of any democratic country. Therefore a good press team is a basic requirement to cater to development in the country.

Vedant Patel

He added that the White House press would cater to the development of all Americans. Biden also said that he is proud to have such a strong team and is confident that each member that he has appointed will not let him.

Apart from Vedant Patel other appointed staffs are Mike Gwin, Meghan Hays, Amanda Finney, Rosemary Boeglin and a few others.

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