Wednesday, August 17, 2022
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UK commits to vaccinate the world by end of 2022

UK has deciced that by the end pf 2022, they are going provide vaccine to all over the world says Boris Johnson, British Prime Minister. He also added that by the next week they are going to organize a summit to decide in this note.

The main motive of the summit would be to vaccinate all over the world by the nd of 2022. He is going to invite his fellow world leaders to be committed to him and attend the meeting. The summit will take place on Friday in Cornwall, on the coast of southwestern England, for the first face-to-face G-7 summit since the pandemic hit.


Many leaders from Canada, France, Italy, Japan along with US president Joe Biden will fly for Cornwall on Friday itself for three days to discuss how the world could survive from the virus. UK is taking its step to save the world.

Britain’s government pledged in February to give most of the country’s surplus vaccine supply to COVAX, the United Nations-backed programme aiming to supply poorer countries with jabs.

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