Trump Campaign Files Lawsuit In Wisconsin Court To Challenge Election Results

The Trump Campaign recently filed a lawsuit in Wisconsin Supreme court. Because Donald Trump and his party are still reluctant to agree with the reality that Joe Biden has won the 2020 Presidential elections and will be sworn in as the new President.

Lawsuit Filed At Wisconsin Court By Trump Campaign


Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are all set to swear as the new President and Vice President of the United States. The inauguration ceremony will be held on January 20. This will mark the end of Donald Trump’s tenure as the US President.

But it is not unknown to anyone that Trump is not ready to accept his defeat. From the time, the Presidential election results were announced Trump has been claiming that the results were fake. And thus has been denying to leave his position as the US President.


Recently the Trump campaign has filed a lawsuit in the Wisconsin Supreme Court challenging Biden’s won at Wisconsin. According to them Biden and his party have used unlawful means to win the election and Trump was the real winner. Therefore the Trump campaign has asked Biden to give a legit proof that he has won the elections without using any unfair means.

Riots And Violence Over Trump’s Defeat

As the inauguration day is approaching there has been a series of violence all over the United States. And these series of riots and protests were ignited by Trump supporters.

The Capitol riots on January 6, has raised security concerns all over the country and especially in Washington. As the inauguration day is approaching, security has been tightened in the capital city.


Because there are chances that the Trump supports might actually plan a deadlier riot to oppose Biden sworn in as the new President. With Trump campaign filing a lawsuit in Wisconsin Supreme Court, it has been proved that they are not ready to accept defeat and can go to any extent to dethrone Joe Biden.

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