Trinamool Congress Stands Firm With The Farmers Opposing The Farm Bill

The Trinamool Congress is standing in solidarity with the farmers protesting against the farm laws in New Delhi.

Trinamool Congress Stands By The Farmers


The farmers’ protest has been going on in New Delhi for quite sometimes now. Farmers from different states have joined hands to protest against the farm laws in the recent bill passed by the government.

Many political parties and influential bodies have extended their support to the farmers. Trinamool Congress is one of the influential parties to do so. Recently Trinamool Congress MP Derek O’Brien paid a visit at the protest site in the Delhi-Haryana border.

He assured the farmers that the Trinamool party will not stop until and unless it succeeds in giving the farmers the rights they deserved. And with that, he also urged the central government to consider their demands.

Mamata Banerjee Speaks To The Farmers

Mamta Banerjee the present Chief Minister of Bengal interacted with the protesting farmers through a phone call. She addressed farmers at three protesting sites where she extended her support.


In the phone call, she spoke about how about it is to abolish the three farm laws. She added that she and the Trinamool Congress party will be standing by the farmers in these tough times. Apart from that the Chief Minister also termed the farmers as the pillar of the nation and their future cannot be risked with the recent farm bill.

She said that the Trinamool Congress will do its best to make sure that the government negotiates with the farmers and reconsiders the farm bill as soon as possible.


As of now, the central government has not agreed to consider the demands of the farmers. Due to which the farmers body has called for a nationwide strike on December 8 where they are planning to block all the border roads connecting Delhi.

Even after multiple sittings with the government bodies, there has been no ray of hope for the farmers. And therefore this is the best they can do in order to make the government realize their plight.

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