“The Serpent” Season 2: Release Date, Plot And Other Updates

“The Serpent” is BBC One’s attempt to shed light on the life of infamous serial killer Charles Shobhraj. This series released in January 2021 and was loved by all.

“The Serpent” Season 2: Release Date

"The Serpent"

This series by BBC One attained a massive following after the release of its first season in January 2021. We know that this series was a real-life adaptation of serial killer Charles Shobhraj’s life and it succeeded in depicting his story perfectly.

We loved the fact that the makers tried to show us all the bits and pieces surrounding Shobhraj and his series of murders. It eventually increased our expectations and we began anticipating another season.

"The Serpent"

But we know that it is a kind of a documentary series and therefore there are high chances that the makers aren’t looking forward to bring in another season. Although if they want they can because there are some angles and phases of his life that has not been shown in the first instalment.

So if we are lucky enough an announcement of “The Serpent” Season 2 might be out shortly.

“The Serpent” Season 2: Plot

Who does not know the infamous French serial killer who terrified everyone in the 80s? Yes! We are talking about Charles Shobhraj. His life has always been a matter of curiosity for everyone.

And thus “The Serpent” tried to give us a gist of his life and crimes. It covered almost his life as a robber, smuggler and finally a serial killer. Killing Dutch tourists one after another to keep his secrets safe was a heinous crime that he committed. The first season showed all of that.

"The Serpent"

If a second instalment is made, we want a sneak peek at Shobhraj’s early life. His relationship with his parents and his childhood because it is still unknown that what drove him in the path of crime and bloodshed.

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