“The Family Man” Season 3: Release Date, Plot And Other Updates

“The Family Man” is a series that has never failed to amaze us so far. Be it in terms of action, suspense or drama, this Amazon Prime series has lived up to our expectations.

“The Family Man” Season 3: Release Date

"The Family Man"

The second season of the series dropped in recently and it was truly a phenomenal one. It was totally worth all the hype and matched our expectations at its best.

This series was first brought in by Amazon Prime in 2019 and the second one came out in June 2021. It was initially expected in 2020 but that could not happen due to the pandemic.

The ending of the second season somehow gave us a hint that another season is in the making. And the makers have also confirmed the same. As per the lead actor of the series Manoj Vajpayee, “The Family Man” Season 3 will be out after 1 and a half years or so. Thus stating the fact that it will follow the same gap as between the earlier two seasons.

"The Family Man"

Hence we can expect it to come out by early 2023. The actor has also revealed that presently everything is at a halt because of the second wave of coronavirus. He added that nothing has been finalized yet and therefore there will be a delay in the production of the third season.

“The Family Man” Season 3: Plot

The second season focusing on the Sri Lankan civil war and the rebels produced out of it. It beautifully portrayed the story of Tamil rebels and the TASC’s operation to fail one of their missions.

Also, the second season left us with a hint for the third season. We have seen that in the end, the story shifted to Kolkata, in the pandemic period was a man was talking about a mission, most probably a Chinese mission called Guan Yu.

"The Family Man"

So it is likely to be out militant unrest or insurgency in the Northeast or might also revolve around the racial attacks faced by the Northeastern’s in the country. Things are quite vague as of now. So let us wait for a clearer picture to be out which the production finally starts.

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