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Taliban bans PUBG and Tiktok

The Taliban has issued a ban on the video-sharing app TikTok and the online multiplayer game PUBG, claiming that they are driving Afghan youngsters “astray.”

The militant organisation also stated that it will prohibit TV stations from broadcasting “immoral material.” It follows recent restrictions on music, movies, and television soap operas.

When it assumed control last year, the Taliban promised a kinder approach to administration, but it has gradually reduced liberties, particularly for women.

Taliban bans PUBG and Tiktok 3

The party was notorious for the harsh type of Islamist governance that characterised its first tenure in power from 1996 and 2001.

According to Taliban spokesperson Inamullah Samangani, the current restriction is required to “protect the younger generation from being deceived.”

However, it is unclear when and for how long the restriction will be in effect. This is the first time the party has blocked an app since taking control in August of last year.

Taliban bans PUBG and Tiktok 4

TikTok and PUBG have become even more popular with young Afghans in recent months due to the prohibition of many other types of entertainment.

According to our colleague, TikTok is particularly popular among young males who like recording short, hilarious video clips and publishing them on the network.

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