Twitter eradicates ads that contradict science on climate change

Twitter has announced that it will no longer accept advertisers that dispute the scientific consensus on climate change, mirroring a policy already in place at Google.

“Ads should not detract from essential dialogues about the climate catastrophe,” Twitter stated in a statement announcing the new policy on Friday.

There was no evidence that the move will alter what users write on the social networking platform, which, like Facebook, has been targeted by organisations aiming to propagate false climate change claims.


The statement, timed to coincide with Earth Day, came only hours before the European Union agreed to a pact mandating large digital companies to more thoroughly check their sites for hate speech, misinformation, and other damaging content.

Twitter said it will share additional details in the coming months about how it intends to bring “reliable, authoritative context to the climate debates” its users engage in, including from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

The studies of the United Nations-backed research group on the causes and impacts of climate change serve as the foundation for international climate change discussions.

To combat misconceptions about climate change, the corporation already has a dedicated climate subject on its website and provided what it called “pre-bunks” during last year’s United Nations climate summit.

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