Wrestler Sushil Kumar Demands For TV In Prison

Well known Indian wrestler Sushil Kumar who is in prison on murder charges has made a bizarre demand in the prison.

Sushil Kumar Makes Bizzaire Demand

Sushil Kumar

The Indian wrestler was recently arrested on charges of murder. He is currently imprisoned in Tihar jail and has made a very bizarre request to the jail authority.

Sushil Kumar conveyed the request through his advocate. And the request is to provide him with a television set in his cell. So that he can watch the wrestling matches and stay updated.

Sushil Kumar

As of now, the authorities have not responded to the requested. And there are fewer chances that his request would be fulfilled because it is against the law to provide prisoners with any kind of luxury.

The Murder Case

Sushil and a few other wrestlers were arrested on charges of murder of a 23-year-old wrestler Sagar Dhankar. The crime took place in Chhatisgarh stadium where Dhankar was physically assaulted by Sushil and some of his co wrestlers.

Sushil Kumar

The brawl was said to be the outcome of a property issue. Things went wrong when Dhankar succumbed to his injuries. After investigations, Sushil and 12 others got arrested on charges of Dhankar’s death.

All the accuses are under trial now.

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