“SSSS Dynazenon” Season 2: Release Date, Plot And Other Updates

Debuting in April 2021, “SSSS Dynazenon” is an anime series that has won a lot of hearts. It contained a total of nine episodes with the last episode airing on May 28, 2021.

“SSSS Dynazenon” Season 2: Release Date

"SSSS Dynazenon"

After the final episode was dropped, the question we had in our mind was will there be another season of “SSSS Dynazenon.” Because the first season really got us hooked to the anime.

And therefore we want another instalment of it soon. What do the producers have to say in this? Are there any renewal chances? Well as of now the production house aka Trigger has not uttered anything regarding the renewal.

"SSSS Dynazenon"

We know that this series itself is a sequel to a very popular anime series released in 2018 titled SSSS Gridman. Since the very season was liked by the audience we might hear from Trigger soon about the second season. As of now let us enjoy the first season as its best.

“SSSS Dynazenon” Season 2: Plot

Well, we know that the protagonist in the prequel SSSS Gridman is Akane who has done something quite bizarre. Actually, he was totally fed up with the happenings in the real world. Therefore he wanted to do into virtual reality.

But his desire actually makes her do wrong things. But this season shows another protagonist Asanaka who is a teenager but meets a very dangerous person.

"SSSS Dynazenon"

The person is Gauma who uses Kaiju. With the help of this Gauma starts attacking the city when Asanaka comes to the rescue with a robot Dynazenon.

So if we get another season of “SSSS Dynazenon” we can see more of the battle between Gauma and the protagonist with his robot.

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