“Konosuba” Season 3: Release Date, Plot And Other Updates

“Konosuba” is an anime series worth falling for. Debuting in 2016 this series is created by Studio Deen and is loved by the audience worldwide. After entertaining us with the first two instalments “Konosuba” is coming back with the third season. Let us learn more about it!

“Konosuba” Season 3: Release Date


So the first season of this anime came in 2016 and the second season came the very next year. Like other animes, even “Konosuba” was an adaptation of a popular manga novel. 

After both seasons, we absolutely wanted the production house to bring another season. Because the manga from which it has been adapted still has multiple volumes to be covered. But the disheartening fact was that the series did not get any official renewal to date.

But we recently got a ray of hope when a very close personality associated with the series said that the third season can still make it but on one condition. The condition was that a movie was being made on the same franchise and if it did a good business, only they would consider the third season.


Thankfully the movie did quite well and now we can expect “Konosuba” Season 3. But let us wait for Studio Deen to make this announcement officially.

“Konosuba” Season 3: Plot

A bit of supernatural things in content always interests most of us. Because as humans we always want to know the unknown. Therefore even this series deals with such a supernatural topic and that is reincarnation or rebirth.

The protagonist Kazuma was just a normal man but with dreams of achieving great things. But density did not permit him to do anything great and he was dead.


But luckily his actual life begins after his sudden demise. His soul meets a good Goddess named Aqua and she promises him that he will achieve all he wanted even post-death. He is traversed into another world and is entitled to fight evils in this new supernatural world. He meets other beings and also finds love in Megumin.

The third season will take us deeper into Kazuma’s life in the new world.

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