South Central Ambulance Service sends equipments to send aid to Ukraine

South Central Ambulance Service is delivering medical supplies to field hospitals in Ukraine in order to assist the most seriously injured troops and civilians.

According to the South Central Ambulance Service (SCAS), the supplies could sustain a field hospital for up to a fortnight.

It was stated that the goods might potentially save hundreds of lives while they are awaiting emergency surgery at a hospital.

Oxfordshire, Hampshire, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Surrey, and Sussex have all contributed supplies. On Friday, employees and volunteers were packing them in Didcot’s Boundary Park. On Saturday, preparations will continue.

All of the supplies will be transported on a lorry to field hospitals. According to Kate Ellis, the paramedic team leader: “South Central Ambulance Service has been quite kind in donating gear that we no longer utilize. We’re sending a massive number of supplies to assist folks on the ground.”

South Central Ambulance Service

Ukrainian nationals will drive the vehicles out of Oxfordshire on Saturday evening and dump them at a facility in western Ukraine. Humanitarian organizations will then transport them further into the nation.

Grove resident Paul Wilson is assisting with the endeavor. Svetlana, his Ukrainian wife, is in Poland attempting to obtain a UK visa for her mother, who fled her own country last week.

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