South Africa Might Return the AstraZeneca

South Africa will return the vaccine from India as it failed to fight with the South African Variety of COVID-19.

South Africa To Return 1M Dose of AstraZeneca

South Africa

South Africa has recently found the new COVID-19 variant. Which is found to be different from the original COVID-19 variant. And is more transmissive than the original variety of the same.

Although the vaccination process has been started in certain parts and soon to reach every corner of the world certain complications are raising the tension. Recently found South African variety is one such. 

According to the report, the vaccine produced by the Serum institute is not working on the new South African variety and there is no use in continuing with the AstraZeneca vaccination. 

The Alternative for the Variety Found in South Africa

The health minister of the country shares his concern on the matter. He said the country might sell all the doses. The vaccine produced jointly by Oxford and Serum institute is useful for only mild symptoms and illness, which is not enough for the 501Y.V2 variant. 

South Africa

And thus they have decided to use the Johnson & Johnson vaccine for the rest of the time. The country is yet to come up with a vaccine against the deadly virus. For now, they would vaccinate the health workers with the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

WHO on the Vaccination Process

South Africa

WHO listed some of the effective vaccines against the Coronavirus and AstraZeneca is one of them. They approved the vaccine and the vaccine has been sent to some of the poorest countries. Many countries till now can access the vaccine and the vaccination process has been started rapidly. 

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