MP Dinesh Trivedi Resigns From TMC, Lashes Out At Mamata Banerjee

MP from Trinamool Congress Dinesh Trivedi recently submitted his resignation from the party. After his resignation, he opened up on what made him take this step.

Dinesh Trivedi Leaves TMC

Dinesh Trivedi

The Trinamool MP took this crucial decision of leaving TMC just when the West Bengal elections were approaching. Dinesh Trivedi’s resignation was something that came as a shock to the party.

Because he was a very strong leader of the party. And his resignation is surely going to affect the party’s performance in the upcoming elections. Recently several leaders walked out of the party for different reasons and now Trivedi has joint the clan.

Dinesh Trivedi

The politician after his resignation has opened up on why he left the party at such a crucial time. And he gave his statement publically during India Today Conclave East.

Reasons Behind Leaving The Political Party

Speaking at the event post his resignation Trivedi spilt the beans on the reasons behind his resignation. He took a dig at Mamata Banerjee as he said that the party forced him to do things he never wanted.

He said that as a man of principles he was not okay with the fact that JP Nadda’s convoy was attacked by TMC workers and he condemned it publically. But that did not go well with the party and he faced severe criticism.

Dinesh Trivedi

Apart from that he also added that many leaders in the party are very insecure and thus they used to force their co-workers or politicians to just abuse the opposition party that did not go well with Trivedi. Because he did not want to be a puppet to the party.

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