South Africa is likely to encounter covid-19 again

South Africa’s health minister said on Friday that South Africa is likely to have entered a new wave of COVID 19 earlier than expected, as new infections and hospitalizations have increased rapidly over the past two weeks. 

The proliferation of new cases was dominated by the BA.4 and BA.5 strains of the Omicron mutants that dominated the country’s early viral waves.  “By all means, it suggests that we could enter the fifth wave much sooner,” Health Minister Joe Fara said at a  press conference on Friday. 

South Africa

He said authorities would closely monitor for the next few days to see if the surge would continue, which would see a new wave.  New infectious diseases in the country have increased from hundreds a few weeks ago and now amount to thousands a day. 

According to Phaahla,  the emergence of new stocks that scientists have previously suspected could power the country’s expected fifth wave of the country during the next May-June winter season. There was no information to show. 

South Africa

 “Whenever a new wave comes, it’s always been informed that it’s driven by a new variant, but at this point, we’re unaware of the definitive new variant, except for the Omicron changes,” Fara said.

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