Shanghai, China announces lockdown

Shanghai will be shut down in two parts over the course of nine days as officials conduct Covid-19 testing.

For over a month, the key financial hub has been fighting a new wave of illnesses, but case counts are low by certain worldwide standards. To prevent destabilizing the economy, authorities have so far avoided closing down the city of over 25 million people.

However, when Shanghai registered its greatest daily number of cases since the pandemic’s inception on Saturday, officials appear to have reversed tactics. The lockdown will take place in two parts, with the eastern half of the city restricted from Monday to April 1 and the western side restricted from April 1 to 5.


According to officials, public transportation will be prohibited, and businesses and manufacturers will be forced to close or operate remotely.

The local administration issued the instructions via WeChat, urging the people to “support, understand, and cooperate with the city’s epidemic prevention and control activities.”

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