“Record Of Ragnarok” Season 2: Release Date, Plot And Other Updates

After the success of the first season, the fans are eager for the release of “Record Of Ragnarok” Season 2. In 2017 the first season was released and the second season of this anime is also coming soon.

“Record Of Ragnarok” Season 2: Release Date

"Record Of Ragnarok"

This anime series has gained massive popularity since 2017. Netflix has taken up the responsibility to air this manga adapted series as its original streaming series.

We have been awaiting the release of “Record Of Ragnarok” for a long time. And our long wait came to an end when Netflix announced that the second season is in the making in December 2020.

"Record Of Ragnarok"

Even the streaming giant is confident that the upcoming instalment is going to attract a massive audience. Moreover “Record Of Ragnarok” is coming back after a long wait and hence the audience is as excited as ever. To add to our excitement a new trailer for the upcoming instalment has been dropped.

With that, it has also been confirmed that the upcoming season will be out on June 17, 2021.

“Record Of Ragnarok” Season 2: Plot

Half of the world’s population believes that there is divine energy that keeps the world going. That energy is referred to as ‘God.’ It is believed that the fate of each human being is decided by God.

This anime series also runs of this same belief. The series is about Gods and their decision on what to do with the humans on earth. Actually, after seven million years of the existence of human beings, it was observed by the Gods that humans are doing more harm than good.

The world is not peaceful anymore. There are hatred and jealousy all over. Therefore the Gods are trying to decide on the matter. They are even thinking to wipe off human existence.

"Record Of Ragnarok"

But since everyone should get a fair chance the Gods come up with a proposal to the humans. They said that there would be a battle between the Gods and humans and if the humans win their existence won’t be wiped out.

That’s when thirteen fierce and brave warriors enter with their only motto and that is to save the human race. These warriors have to defeat the 13 Gods. “Records Of Ragnarok” Season 2 will feature the most awaited battle. It will be interesting to see if these warriors can save the human race.

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