‘Rail Roko’ Protest To Be Carried Out By Farmers On February 18

The farmers protesting against the farm bill will organize ‘Rail Roko’ protest on February 18. This will involve blocking of railway tracks in different ideas thus affecting the smooth functioning of the trains.

‘Rail Roko’ On February 18

'Rail Roko'

The farmers of the country want the Farm Bill to be withdrawn but our government is stubborn on not withdrawing it. Therefore out of no choice, the farmers are using more aggressive ways to strengthen their protest.

Months have passed since the farmers have been protesting in Delhi and other parts of the country. Now the protest has got even international exposure with icons like Greta Thunberg and Amanda Cerny supporting it. But the government is still reluctant to negotiate.

'Rail Roko'

So taking the protest furthermore ‘Rail Roko’ Andolan will be organised on February 18 where railway tracks will be jammed by the farmers for hours as a way to protest against the farm bill. After road blockades and other forms of protests, the Rail Roko has to be an intense way to protest with a hope that the government might listen to them this time.

Modi’s Insensitive Remarks Irks Opposition

As the whole world has its eye on India and the ongoing protest, our Prime Minister Narendra Modi has some bizarre things to say on this issue. It seems like no ‘Rail Roko’ Andolan will ever change his perspective on the issue.

Because recently during the Lok Sabha seating he said some really bizarre things on the issue. He said that with changing times people should change their perspective towards farming. And the farms’ bill supports the new era of farming.

'Rail Roko'

Without paying much heed to the protests and the protestors he was more into differentiating between protestors and the agitators. Little did he know that the protestors are being forced to agitate because of the government’s reluctance to address this issue. Many MPs from the opposition stormed out of the seating following Modi’s statement.

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