‘Power of digital platform’ – NEERAJ DHANETWAL

Meet the youngster Neeraj who knows how to accomplish success with his devotion towards it ‘ the true success story is never written it is felt . What goes on the scene is fame, popularity , title but what is never noticed is the person s efforts, hardships, breakdowns, patience and hard work.’ Neeraj Dhanetwal is currently grabbing all the spotlight towards him by becoming one of the most successful entrepreneurs, Digital marketers, coder, developers, creator, web designer, a businessman at a very young age and is a true example of inspiration one can reflect upon.

Neeraj Dhanetwal
Neeraj Dhanetwal

It all began when this famous enthusiastic personality entered the life of computer science without much core knowledge but interest and dedication.

Exploring made it impossible, possible for him and curiosity helped it happen. He made web pages on Facebook little by little he explore more and more and then Instagram , YouTube , twitter and all the social media sites possible.

He is much recognized for attracting his audience by his perfect work . A true perfectionist in the sense. Have millions and millions of followers who adore him is another way of expressing his success.

“Passion never faded in me, not even in drawbacks. They seemed to be in my nerves” says this famed creator – NEERAJ DHANETWAL

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