Afghanistan Envoy Expresses Gratitude To India For Constant Support

Farid Mamundzay, Afghanistan ambassador to India has recently expressed his sheer gratitude to India for lending them helping hands in this crisis period.

Afghanistan Envoy Is Grateful To India


Farid Mamundzay recently took to his spcial media handle to write an appreciation post for India. As the whole world is aware of the fact that Afghanistan has been taken over by the Taliban after two decades and the country is in a state of despair.

The barbaric rule of the Talibans is not hidden to anybody. Many of the citizens are evacuating the country and others are living in constant fear. 


India always had good terms with Afghanistan and is standing by the nation in its crisis period. To which Mamundzay’s appreciation post stated that he is truly grateful for the immense support his country is getting from India. He further said that, every kind words from Indians mean a lot to them in the hour of crisis.

Mamundzay Hopes Things To Be Restored Back To Normal

The envoy has further stated in his post that he hopes that Taliban’s barbarism would come to an end some day. He added that, through international support this can be made possible someday.

Mamundzay also said that this has to be on of the major man-made crisis a nation ever had to face. 


After Taliban seized power in Afghanistan the citizens have lost their basic rights. Women were sent back home from their education and workplace. There are severe laws imposed for women which includes compulsory hijab, no right to education or work and many other barbaric laws.

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