“Overlord” Season 4: Release Date, Plot And Other Details

Created by Kugane Maruyama as light novel series “Overlord” was later adapted into an anime television series which turned out as a commercial success. So far three instalments of this anime have been dropped and the fourth one is being awaited for.

“Overlord” Season 4: Release Date


This anime series is well known for its mind-blowing storyline which was like both by adults and children. The series is well known for its action sequences and some games have also been developed under the same franchise.

The third season of “Overlord” was released three years back i.e in 2018. After that, we were hoping that the makers would go for another season. But we kept on waiting and that announcement never came. 

The reason we want another season is not just because we loved the series but it is also because the third season left us with several unanswered questions. In a word “Overlord” Season 3 was never perceived as the season finale of this anime. Nor have the makers have stated anything like.


Even though we don’t have official confirmation yet but some close sources have revealed that the makers are actually working on the forthcoming instalment. And that it might be ready by the end of this year. So if this information comes true then the third season of Overlord can be expected in the year 2022.

Although it is too early to predict the exact time period.

“Overlord” Season 4: Plot

The series is all about virtuality vs reality because it centres around a video game that traps a young boy inside it. Our protagonist Momoga, a keen gamer gets trapped inside a video game.

With no way to get out of it, he starts building his own empire. The twist here is that inside the video game he is not Momoga but Overlord aka the avatar he was playing the game as.


Inside the game, he starts invading empires after empires and thus becomes the lord of the game. But the third season does not give us any answer on what happens to Momoga at the end. Will he be Overlord forever and stay in the virtual world? 

Or will he finally getaway to be back to his human self? We just hope that the upcoming season is renewed soon and we get an answer to all these questions.

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