Away Season 2: Is Another Season On The Cards?

Away Season 2 is being eagerly anticipated by the audience. This Netflix series was released on September 2020 and was a great success.

Away Season 2: Has It Been Renewed Yet?

Away Season 2

The Netflix sci-fi series become one of the most watch series in 2020, all thanks to the amazing storyline and execution of the story. After the first season, we all are waiting for Away Season 2.

But it seems like we have a piece of bad news for all the Away fans out there. Actually, just a few weeks after the premiere of the series Netflix announced that there will be no Away Season 2. And the first season was the season finale of the series.

Away Season 2

It was a heartbreaking decision by the streaming platform. Because Away Season 2 was one of the most anticipated seasons of the series as the first season left the fans craving for more. But its sudden cancellation shattered all hopes.

As per the sources, the reason behind the cancellation is said to be the massive budget of the series.

Away Season 2: Plot

The series is about a space crew who are on their way to find life on Mars. The crew is led by as astronaut Emma Green who replaced her husband in the mission as he was suffering from a major ailment.

This series is all about the journey of Emma and the crew members to mars. We saw how Emma had a tough time proving her ability as a good commander but in the end, she was successful in making the crew land into mars.

Away Season 2

Although the series ended there it left us on a cliffhanger. In Away Season 2 we would have got to witness on how the crew members find life on mars if there is any. Thus there was a lot to be expected from Away Season 2 but unfortunately, it has been cancelled.

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