New South Wales records highest Covid-19 deaths

New South Wales, Australia regarded as the most populous state of the region encountered the highest number of covid19 deaths on daily basis as the Omicron version sweeps the country, policymakers are under pressure to solve growing supply chain gaps.

The city of Sydney, which is home to one-third of Australia’s 25 million inhabitants, recorded 16 deaths from the coronavirus the day before. New South Wales recorded 30,062 new illnesses, which is near a record high.

Victoria, the country’s second-largest state, which is hosting the Australian Open tennis tournament this month, recorded 44,155 new COVID-19 cases and four fatalities.

New South Wales

The government recorded somewhat under 100,000 instances in sum, down from a record 116,025 the day before but still above most prior highs. The total number of deaths for the day was 36.

With the spike causing a rush for government-funded pop-up testing clinics, officials have altered their messaging and pushed individuals to instead perform fast antigen tests at home, then report positive findings to their doctor, who records them into a database.

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