UK minister supports a shorter COVID isolation time

UK minister has announced that the self-isolation period for those people who have tested positive for Covid -19 is only from seven to five days. The time duration of isolation has been reduced in order to alleviate worker demands.

The Omicron variety is still spreading in the UK, and many businesses, schools, and hospitals are experiencing personnel shortages, fueling calls for the restrictions governing isolation following a positive test to be relaxed even more.

Last month, health officials in the United States reduced the recommended isolation period for asymptomatic cases of COVID-19 to five days, down from ten days before.

“Of course, I would always defer to scientific advice on this.” “It would absolutely assist ease some of the stresses on schools, vital personnel, and others,” Zahawi told Sky News when asked if he supported a shift to five days.

UK minister

He stated that the UK Health Security Agency was examining the length of the isolation period and that the government was doing all possible to ensure that the stressed health service could continue to operate through what he described as “a bumpy few weeks.”

UK minister takes this step in order to help the workers.

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