“My Hero Academia” Season 6: Release Date, Plot And Other Updates

An anime that has been consistently successful and entertaining all its fans is “My Hero Academia.” The fifth season was released early this year and now we are eagerly waiting for the sixth season.

“My Hero Academia” Season 6: Release Date

"My Hero Academia"

Kohei Horikoshi penned an amazing manga series that attracted a lot of readers. And after two years his novel was turned into a successful anime series titled “My Hero Academia.”

The first season came out in 2016 and we got five amazing seasons in the period of four years. This series sort of became a brand name for animes. If you are an anime lover, this series cannot be ignored.

"My Hero Academia"

We know that all the manga volumes of “My Hero Academia” have not been adapted into the series. Hence a sixth instalment is much awaited even though the makers have not come clear if another season would be there or not.

Let us stay optimistic and wait for another season to release next year at the earliest.

“My Hero Academia” Season 6: Plot

It is a totally different world where everyone has one supernatural power or the other. Out of them Izuki Midoriya is the odd one out because he has no such powers.

And thus he always feels left out and is bullied more often. In the beginning we all feel pity for the protagonist but as the series approaches we saw that even though Izuki has not powers he is a very good human being.

"My Hero Academia"

And has great wisdom and value. That is when a superhero whom he embraces finds out about his nature and promises him and superpower. Thus he is sent to the school where the pupils undergo trainings to enhance their superpowers.

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