“Konosuba” Season 3: Release Date, Plot And Other Updates

Making its on-screen debut in 2016, “Konosuba” is a treat for every anime lover. It has all the elements which make an anime series worth falling for.

“Konosuba” Season 3: Release Date


The years 2016 and 2017 were quite blessed because we got the back to back seasons of our favourite anime series. Now it has been over three years since we have been waiting for “Konosuba” Season 3.

As the years passed we started losing hope although we knew that the entire manga series has not yet been turned into an anime series. Hence the makers are not in short for plotline to make another season.


But recently we got a hope that “Konosuba” Season 3 might have a future. Because during an event, a part of the production team of this franchise has hinted that the third season might be there if the movie on Kono Suba gets the blockbuster status. And just like he said that movie turned out to be successful and critically acclaimed.

So now we can sit back and wait for the announcement.

“Konosuba” Season 3: Plot

Kazuma finally gets the chance to live in an afterlife after getting a boon from Godess Aqua. In the new world in which he has been teleported, he is not regarded as a loser.


In fact Aqua wants him to fight a demon king. He also encounters several other beings and gets along with them quite well. Kazuma also gets romantically involved with Megumin.

So the third season might feature the awesome trio Darkness, Megumin and Aqua to fight the demon king successfully this time and fulfil Aqua’s wishes!

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