More Than 130 Vehicles Crash In Texas, Several Feared Dead

In a very horrific road accident in Texas, more than 130 vehicles collided one the highway causing several injuries and deaths.

Multiple Vehicle Crashed In Texas


This massive accident occurred in interstate Texas on February 11, 2021, where multiple vehicles collided with each other on the highway. It was early in the morning around 6 am when the mishap occurred. 

The United States has been facing snowstorm in several parts including Texas. And the bad weather has to be blamed for this accident. As per the reports, there were more than 130 vehicles involved in the accident which included private cars, trucks and other vehicles.


This unfortunate accident has shaken the entire city of Texas. The ongoing snowstorm in the country has resulted in several such accidents because the roads become quite slippery and invisible due to the snow and storm. Thus making it difficult for the driver to get a clear vision.

Therefore the concerned authorities have taken several measurements to ensure road safety in this bad weather condition.

Injuries And Deaths

Talking about the number of people injured in the accident, as per the reports by the local police more than 70 people were critically injured and 6 people have been declared dead.


The injured ones are getting treated in the nearby health facility with some in very critical condition. As per the Texas police, several people were trapped inside their vehicles after the accidents but were rescued safely.

As per the records, most of the people were heading to their workplaces early morning when the mishap took place.

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