“Lupin” Season 2: Release Date, Plot And Other Updates

Netflix mystery series “Lupin” aired its first season on January 8, 2021. The first season got a very positive response from the audience all over and hence the second season is much awaited.

“Lupin” Season 2: Release Date


Well, we know that the first season of “Lupin” had six amazing episodes which got us hooked on the series. We absolutely loved it and started anticipating another season.

So we know that initially, Netflix had announced that season one would have 10 episodes. But we got only six which means that the mystery series has been divided into two parts. Therefore the upcoming instalment can also be called the second part of season one.


After the final episode of the first season, we started waiting for Netflix to announce the release date of the upcoming instalment soon. Our wait is finally over but not only the streaming giant has released a trailer for the second season but has also confirmed the release.

Yes, my friends! “Lupin” Season 2 is all set to return to the screens on June 11, 2021.

“Lupin” Season 2: Plot

This series is inspired by the story of a famous thief Assane Diop. Actually, he had a tragic childhood as his father was accused of robbery which he did not.

And because of that, he ended his life thus leaving Assane all alone. Assane made up his mind to avenge the death of his father by punishing those people responsible for accusing his father of robbery.


He got inspired by a book on French thief Arsene Lupin that his father gifted him. Diop started learning all the techniques from the book and prepared himself to take revenge.

In the first season, we saw that Pellegrini has kidnapped Assane’s son so that he stops taking revenge. So the second season will tell us if he will be able to save his son and continue his revenge on Hubert.

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