“Lost In Space” Season 3: Release Date, Plot And Other Updates

How can we even talk about science-fiction series without mentioning Netflix’s “Lost In Space.” It is one of the most creative and thrilling sci-fi series ever made. After two amazing seasons, we are looking forward to another enthralling season.

“Lost In Space” Season 3: Release Date

"Lost In Space"

The first season of one of the decade’s best sci-fi series came out in April 2018. It got Netflix a massive viewership and great reviews from the critics. Owing to which the streaming giant renewed the series and “Lost In Space” Season 2 came out in December 2019.

Just like the first season, even the second season was thrilling. And it truly lived up to the hype of the first season. Initially, it was not clear whether another season would be there or not.

"Lost In Space"

But the fans had a sigh of relief when in March 2020 Netflix announced the third instalment. Also, the shooting of the third season has been completed. And we can expect the release date to be out anytime soon.

Since it is going to be the final season of the series, we can expect several revelations and twists.

“Lost In Space” Season 3: Plot

The Robinson family have almost succeeded in their quest which was to find life on another planet. But everything comes at a cost. Due to a spaceship collision, they ended up reaching a different planet instead of the one they had planned to go to.

"Lost In Space"

They have no choice but to search for possibilities on this new planet as well.

“Lost In Space” Season 3 will focus on their struggles on this new unidentified planet. They are expected to encounter several risks in this new place. Therefore we are quite excited to see the new developments in the upcoming season.

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