“Who Killed Sara?” Season 3: Release Date, Plot And Other Updates

Murder mysteries are always interesting especially when it is something like “Who Killed Sara?” This series hit our Netflix screens on March 2021 and blew our minds with its thrilling concept.

“Who Killed Sara?” Season 3: Release Date

"Who Killed Sara?"

“Who Killed Sara?” had its back to back season releases on March and May 2021 respectively. The content of this series was beyond amazing and thus Netflix decided not to put a long gap between the release of the first and second season.

We know that murder mysteries are something we can easily get hooked into. Also when it is an amalgamation of murder mystery and psychological thriller like “Who Killed Sara?” it is obvious for us to anticipate another instalment.

Also, the second season has left us amid a cliffhanger as Sara’s murder mystery has not been solved yet. Therefore it is almost sure that the third instalment would be made. Although Netflix is yet to talk about it officially.

"Who Killed Sara?"

We believe that the Covid-19 pandemic and the obstacles associated with it might hamper the production of the third season. Hence we should be ready for a little delay in the release of the upcoming season.

“Who Killed Sara?” Season 3: Plot

We all want to know who was behind Sara’s death? But is the series only about Sara’s murder or it has some other catch to it? Obviously, it does. The series went on to focus on several other aspects other than Sara’s death.

In fact, Sara’s death itself has different mysteries. We saw that Marifer confessed to killing her best friend Sara. At some point, we also thought that we finally found the killer.

"Who Killed Sara?"

But the series is not that simple. Certain instances suggest that Marifer is not right and she is not the killer. We also got several glimpses on Sara’s mental health condition that was not quite okay.

So the upcoming season will finally reveal why Marifer is making a fake confession. Also, Sara’s death is still a mystery because at some point in time some instances suggested that she is still alive. And is out of the public eye by faking her death so that she can escape from actually getting killed.

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