“Konosuba” Season 3: Release Date, Plot And Other Updates

“Konosuba” has been entertaining us since 2016. Over the years, it has become every anime lover’s favourite series!

“Konosuba” Season 3: Release Date


Four years back we were graced with the first season of “Konosuba and got the second season the very next years. But after that we stopped hearing about further developments in the anime series.

We are in deparate need for the third season of the series, all thanks to the amazingness of the previous two seasons. But no any news on the making of the third season ever came out.


But of course there were full length anime movies on the franchise. The makers had even told that if one of the movie becomes massive hit all over the world, “Konosuba” Season 3 can be in cards.

As expected, the movie has really faired well so it will not be wrong to expect the third instlament in the coming future. Even though things are still uncertain as of now.

“Konosuba” Season 3: Plot

Kazuama is living the kind of life he wanted post his death. All thanks to Goddess Aqua. We as audience absolutely loved Kazuma’s new life in the supernatural universe.

But there is more to be expected. Because Kazuma has still now proved himself as a hero because he has stil not won the war with the demon king.


Therefore Aqua’s mission for which she granted him a boon is still unfulfilled. There “Konosuba” Season 3 is expected to primarily focus on Kazuma, his three new friends on their journey to fight the demon king again. And this time to win the battle!

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