“High School DxD” Season 5: Release Date, Plot And Other Updates

The anime “High School DxD” has gained immense popularity over time. We have been eagerly awaiting the fifth season of this anime and are hoping for it to be out soon.

“High School DxD” Season 5: Release Date

"High School DxD"

The author of the original manga Ichiei Ishibumi has done a tremondous job as a writer. Thus it is credited with the tag of having the best plotline.

When the manga was adapted to an anime series, it gained massive attenstion. And within a nick of time it managed to became one of the leading anime series in the world.

“High School DxD” and its previous four seasons were worth every bit. But with that the ending of the fourth season has also left everyone in anticipation for the fifth one. So when is the fifth season due?

"High School DxD"

Well, we know that it was in 2017 when we got the fourth season and there were rumors that the fifth season would be out on November 2020. But maybe due to the pandemic outbreak the makers could not complete the production in time and hence the release got delayed.

Although we know that the fifth instalment is in the making but we do not know when is it due as of now. There are chances that it will release by early 2022 if the production finishes on time. 

“High School DxD” Season 5: Plot

As mentioned earlier, the plotline of the manga novel by Ichiei Ishibumi is quite amazing. And that is the reason why even the anime adaption of the manga turned out to be successful.

"High School DxD"

We absolutely love the amalgamation of supernatural elements, action, romance and drama in “High School DxD.” The plot of the fifth season is expected to again focus on Issei and his adventures.

Also the chemistry between Rias and Issei will be highlighted in the upcoming season. Moreover another angle to the plotline will be Issei’s encounter with fox Yokai.

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