Kayleigh McEnany Tests Coronavirus Positive, Confirms It On Twitter

US President Donald Trump’s Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany has tested positive for the deadly coronavirus. And she has confirmed the news through a twitter post.

Kayleigh McEnany Tests Positive For Coronavirus

The White House Press Secretary took to Twitter on Monday to inform that she has been tested positive for the virus. And this news came a few days after President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump fell prey to this deadly virus.

Kayleigh McEnany

McEnany in her twitter post informed the masses about her test reports. In addition to that, she also said that she is doing fine and has no symptoms as of yet. Apart from that she also stated that he will take all the necessary precautions like mandatory isolation but will continue working through online platforms.

So as per safety protocols, McEnany will be quarantined in White House until she recovers from the virus.

Recent Criticism

The Press Secretary is being criticized for her carelessness during a recent press brief where she took off her mask before talking to the journalists. And this has drawn a lot of controversies. 

Kayleigh McEnany

And after the press briefing on Sunday, many journalists who were present have also tested positive for the virus. Therefore it is absolutely right on people’s part to criticize McEnany on not following the safety protocols. But the Press Secretary has also clarified this entire chapter about the press briefing.

In her Twitter post, she added that she absolutely had no idea that Hope Hicks had been testest positive before the press briefing. Apart from that she also revealed that she got her tests done multiple times before and had tested negative. But out of nowhere on Monday, she suddenly tested positive without having any symptoms.

So in a way she was trying to say that she violated the safety protocol unknowingly. Apart from MvEnany several other official from White House have been tested positive for the virus. And it really seems like the worst is yet to come.

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