Donald Trump Criticized For Meeting Supporters Outside Of Walter Reed

US President Donald Trump is always known for his controversial activities. And even having the deadly coronavirus didn’t stop him from creating controversy yet again.

Donald Trump Meets His Supporters Outside Hospital

The President was being treated at the Walter Reed hospital after testing positive from Coronavirus. But this didn’t stop him from paying a visit to his supporters. He opted for a drive-past visit for his supporters.

Donald Trump

Well, Trump came out of the hospital in his Presidential SUV and waved at his supporters from the car. Although he was taking all the necessary measures and the two people accompanying him also had safety gear. But the question lies here is that was it really necessary? Despite being treated for this deadly virus it was not right from Trump’s part to come out and greet the people outside.

Although some experts have stated that Trump’s SUV is sealed against any chemical attack therefore the risk of virus transmission is higher. Also, the people who accompanied him in his SUV are at high risk and require to quarantine. And because of these various reasons, Trump is facing severe backlashes.

Many health experts have termed it as sheer negligence. Thus claimed that Trump doesn’t care about people’s safety. 

Statement From The White House

After this controversial drive-past by Trump, an official statement was released from the White House. The Spokesperson Judd Deere defended his SUV visit by saying that the medical team had already pronounced that Mr President is safe and doesn’t pose any risk of spreading the virus.

Donald Trump

Apart from that he also said that Trump didn’t take any step without consulting the hospital authorities. Moreover, he added that Trump expressed his gratitude towards the supporters by paying them a surprise visit. And there is nothing wrong with that. Deere also gave a befitting reply to those people who said that Trump doesn’t care about others.

In his statement, he added that Trump was working tirelessly despite being unwell. And it shows his dedication towards his nation and its citizens.

Taking of Trump’s health, as per the hospital authorities he is doing well and would be discharged soon. Once he gets back to the White House we hope that he answers all the questions raised after his controversial drive past. 

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