Kamala Harris’ Response To VP Pence For Not Letting Her Speak Creates Meme Storm

During the Vice-Presidential debate, Senator Kamala Harris’ savage reply to Vice-President Mike Pence has won the hearts of many. And people are going gaga over it on social media as it got flooded with memes based on her savage reply.

Kamala Harris’ Savage Reply

Kamala Harris'

The much anticipated Vice-Presidential debate was held on Thursday. And we witnessed some heated arguments between Kamala Harris and Mike Pence during their face-off.

This 90-minute long debate touched on several important issues. And then we witnessed Harris’s savage response to Pence. So both of them were supposed to answer the questions asked to them. And they had two minutes each to give their answer.

And at that time a question was asked about the ongoing pandemic and Harris started to answer it. She began by taking a sly dig at Trump and his failure in handling the pandemic crisis. And she said that Trump and Pence were well aware of the pandemic since the beginning of 2020. But they chose to remain silent.

And she also blamed Trump and his government for treating this deadly pandemic so casually. Apart from that she also reacted to Pence’s statement saying that Joe Biden will increase taxes if elected. As Harris was keeping her point suddenly Pence interrupted her saying that Biden would ”repeal Trump tax cuts.”

And that is when the senator gave him a savage response. She said that ”Mr Vice President, I’m speaking as she shook her head and began to laugh.

Social Media Response

Her savage reply with the cryptic laugh absolutely drew social media attention. The netizens started creating memes and it flooded the social media in no time.

Kamala Harris'

Many people appreciated Harris for her savage reply whereas some people made fun of her as well. This debate somewhat initial social media havoc. Some people also blamed the debate moderator fo improper moderation of the debate.

But it cannot be denied that her response to Pence’s interruption was justified. Because at such an important event, you cannot just interrupt a person who is keeping her points on an important issue. Thus it was really wrong from Pence’s part to have interrupted her when she was speaking.

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