Donald Trump Refuses To Face Biden Virtually In The Upcoming Debate

The second Presidential debate is scheduled on October 15. But President Donald Trump is demanding for a few changes in the format of the debate.

Donald Trump Won’t Take Part In Virtual Debate

Donald Trump

The first Presidential debate was held on September 29 and now the second face-off is scheduled for October 15. But the format of the upcoming debate is not going well with Trump.

According to the guidelines, both Trump and Biden should appear in the debate virtually. And that they will not be facing each other from the same venue. But Trump has refused to abide by this guideline. He has also been trying to alter the dates of the debate. The third and the final debate is scheduled to be held on October 22 but Trump wants to be postponed till October 29.

Trump said that no matter what he is ready to postpone the schedule until and unless the format is changed. He has stated that by no means he would agree to face Biden virtually. Despite having contracted this deadly virus Trump still has the audacity to not abide by the safety protocols.

Trump has also said that he is completely fine and has no trace of the virus left in his body. But many people do not really agree to it and that too when many White House officials are already fighting with the deadly disease.

Biden’s Statement

Presidential candidate Joe Biden is quite disappointed with Trump’s fickle mindedness. He has stated that Trump always keeps changing his statements now and then and it misleads everyone.

Donald Trump

He also said that Trump has just recovered from the virus and nobody knows if he has been completely cured or not. Apart from that, even the White House has also turned into a containment zone after several officials testes positive for the virus. Therefore Trump needs to understand that his presence during the debate might pose a threat to many.

Biden also said that Trump has no right to alter the schedule of the debate. Therefore the face-off should take place in a virtual platform without any postponement.

Now it depends on whether Trump would finally give up and agree for a virtual debate or will he keep throwing tantrums until the debate actually gets postponed. 

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