Joe Biden Is On A 57-41 Lead Against Trump, Shows Latest CNN Poll

A poll was conducted by the CNN after the Presidential debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump. And the poll results have revealed that who is presently leading.

Joe Biden Is Leading By 57-41 Against Trump

Joe Biden

The Presidential debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump gave the citizens a clearer idea about the strategies they are planning to use to lead the nation. And as the CNN has conducted a poll to find out who is leading the debate, the results are finally out.

So as we know that the debate was based on several important issues. And both the candidates have given their arguments on those issues. As per the CNN poll results, the audience has made their selection based on how both the candidates gave their take on important issues. And this included racism in the US, the ongoing pandemic, economy and many more.

So the result breaks out says that 57% of the voters backed Joe Biden. And Donald Trump received just a mere 41%. CNN started this poll on October 1 and surveyed through live interviews, phone calls and other surveying methods.

Reason For Biden’s Lead

Well looking at the poll results, it is clear that Biden’ stake on national problems is far better than that of Trump. As an example let us consider the coronavirus outbreak.

Joe Biden

As per the poll results, 59% of the voter preferred Biden’s take on the issue whereas on 38% backed Trump. Because they way Biden stated about the strategies to handle the pandemic was way more genuine than that of Trump. Moreover, the opinions of the voters did not solely rely on just the debate. But the real scenario of how Trump is presently handling the pandemic crisis.

Therefore comparing Trump’s strategies with that of Biden, it is clear that his take on the issue is more effective and genuine. This was just an example because apart from just the pandemic crisis, the US is facing severe other problems. And we are already well versed about Trump’s way of handling them.

Thus the CNN poll results actually state that Trump is going wrong with his strategies to lead the country.

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